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Nov 15,  · category android:name="micehela.tk_DOCK" /> category android:name="micehela.tkT" /> Now here is the strange part: when I call getIntent() in my activity, the only category it contains is micehela.tk_DOCK. I thought that a particular category needed to be in an intent . Dec 21,  · Launch Android app from Browser using Uri of Launch Intent. Create a new application with package name “micehela.tkpfromurl”. Activity layout will have a textview which will show text retrieved from values passed from Uri. Edit your application manifest file, add a new IntentFilter to your activity with action as “micehela.tkfrombrowser” and define category to be default . Documentation is now more clear IMO: Android automatically applies the the CATEGORY_DEFAULT category to all implicit intents passed to startActivity() and startActivityForResult(). So if you want your activity to receive implicit intents, it must include a category for "micehela.tkT" in its intent filters. – shkschneider May 7 '15 at

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Display information about the person whose identifier is "1". SYNC 9 It will start the platform-defined tutorial Default tutorial or start up tutorial 10 It intimates when time zone has changed 11 It is used to run default uninstaller Category The category is an optional part of Intent object and it's a string containing additional information about the kind of component that should handle the intent.

The addCategory method places a category in an Intent object, removeCategory deletes android category default category previously added, and getCategories gets the set of all categories currently in the object, android category default.

Here is a list of Android Intent Standard Categories. You can check android category default on Intent Filters in below section to understand how do we use categories to choose appropriate activity corresponding to an Intent.

Extras This will be in key-value pairs for additional information that should be delivered to the component handling the intent. The extras can be set and read using the putExtras and getExtras methods respectively. Here is a list of Android Intent Standard Extra Data Flags These flags are optional part of Intent object and instruct the Android android category default how to launch an activity, and how to treat it after it's launched etc. That is, the activity becomes the new root of an otherwise empty task, and any old activities are finished.

If it is set, the Intent object is delivered to an instance of the designated class otherwise Android uses other information in the Intent object to locate a suitable target. Types of Intents There android category default following two types of intents supported by Android Explicit Intents Explicit intent going to be connected internal world of application,suppose if you wants to connect one activity to another activity, we can do this quote by explicit intent, below image is connecting first activity to second activity by clicking button.

These intents designate the target component by its name and they are typically used for application-internal messages - such as an activity starting a subordinate service or launching a sister activity. Implicit intents are often used to activate components in other applications, android category default. Start Browser and Start Phone. Intent; import android. Uri; import android. AppCompatActivity; import android, android category default. Bundle; import android.

View; import android. I assume you had created your AVD while doing environment setup. To run the app from Android Studio, open one of your project's activity files and click Run icon from the toolbar, android category default.

Intent Filters You have seen how an Intent has been used to call an another activity. Android OS uses filters to pinpoint the set of Activities, Services, and Broadcast receivers that can handle the Intent with help of specified set of action, categories, data scheme associated with an Intent.

Following is an example of a part of AndroidManifest. My Application, android category default. VIEW, or using the com, android category default. An exception is raised if no target can be found.

If more than one actions are mentioned then Android tries to match one of the mentioned actions before invoking the activity. There are separate attributes like scheme, host, port, and path for each part of the URI. An Intent object that contains both a URI and a data type passes the data type part of the test only if its type matches a type listed in the filter.

Example Following example is a modification of the above example. Here we will see how Android resolves conflict if one intent is invoking two activities defined innext how to invoke a custom activity using a filter and third one is an exception case if Android does not file appropriate activity defined for an intent.

Step Description 1 You will use android studio to create an Android application and name it as My Application under a package com. Activity; import android. Here we have defined our custom android category default with a filter "android. VIEW", and there is android category default one default activity against VIEW action defined by Android which is launching web browser, So android displays following two options to select the activity you want to launch.

Now if you select Browser, then Android will launch web browser and open example.


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category android:name="string" />. contained in. description: Adds a category name to an intent filter. See Intents and Intent Filters for details on intent filters and the role of category specifications within a filter. attributes: android:name. Jan 01,  · How to set default activity for Android application. In Android, you can configure the starting activity (default activity) of your application via following “ intent-filter ” in “ micehela.tk “. See following code snippet to configure a activity class “ logoActivity ” as the default activity. File: micehela.tk category android:name="micehela.tkT" />, that is the very thing that do work here – Aug 19 '15 at 1 micehela.tk is for use in a Kiosk-mode style application, where the default launcher is replaced.