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This walk through shows how to start a simple UWP project, and covers some of the fundamental elements you might need in an application. We'll use a 'Virtual Pet' setup as our example topic, virtual braces application. Launch Visual Studio and create a new project. In the Solution Explorer right-click on MainPage, virtual braces application.

In the Toolbox select TextBlock. A TextBlock allows you to display text on the screen. Nearby you will probably also see a TextBox, virtual braces application. With the TextBlock selected, click and drag a rectangle at the top of your canvas screen.

This is where the heading text for our application will be displayed. Then change the value of the Text property to 'Virtual Pet Setup' or the heading of your choice. Change the FontSize property to make the heading text a bit larger, and center the text. We'll use three buttons to offer the pet options.

Virtual braces application which three pets you want to use for this example mine are Fish, Bird, and Tribble. Select Button in the Toolbox and draw a button under the heading. Give your button a name, and change the text displayed to one of the pet options you've decided to use.

Above the MainPage method, add a line of code:. We will add click events to our buttons to change the value of the variable. We'll also change the heading when one virtual braces application the buttons is selected. In the design view select the first button. In the properties panel switch to the Event Handler view the lightning bolt icon. Double-click on the empty field next to 'Click'. Visual Studio will create an event handler for you.

We are changing the Text property of the Heading element. Using dot notation we access the Text property of an element by:. Create click events for the other two buttons and add the same lines of code, except change the value of PetType to match what each button is. Add another TextBlock and TextBox to virtual braces application project. You can have a default name suggestion by entering something in the Text property of your TextBox.

Add another variable to store the pet name in your code under pet type at the top of your class definition. In the properties panel for the TextBox, double-click on the field next to 'LostFocus'. Again we are virtual braces application the name of the instance in this case the TextBox named 'EnteredName' and accessing the Text property value EnteredName. For this example we'll use a simple circle to represent the pet. Switch to your code and at the top of your class definition where you have declared PetType and PetNameadd:.

Add click event handlers to the new buttons just like with the pet type buttons. Inside each, add a line of code to change the value of solidColorBrush depending on which color was chosen. Use the ellipse tool in the Toolbox to draw a circle you may need to scroll down past the common tools to find it. Name the circle 'Pet'. Below the circle, add a TextBlock that will display the pet's name and type, virtual braces application.

Make sure to name the TextBlock, virtual braces application. I've named mine 'Preview'. Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. Thank you! Learn basic UWP skills. Previous article: C Arrays Console Application. Next article: C Random Fortune.


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virtual braces application


Kids Braces Doctor is here with lots of fun, virtual braces surgery simulator and germ protection. Be an ultimate crazy dentist brace doctor and forget your fear with this amazing Dr. dental surgery learning game! It’s the braces surgeon who can fix all problems with his dentist surgery tools at the hospital/5(K). Home // Give Back a Smile // APPLY for Give Back a Smile Give Back a Smile Patient Application The Give Back a Smile program was established to connect eligible survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence who've received dental injuries from the abuse with volunteer cosmetic dentists throughout the United States and Canada. Learn all about Braces in our interactive Virtual Braces Surgery Game! What is this Dental Procedure about? Most of us are not born with perfectly straight teeth, but Braces can help straighten crooked teeth and realign offset bites so that you too can have a confident and winning smile. If you’re curious about the process of getting braces.